We all have the person that you just can’t unfollow on social media. A friend. Coworker. Even your boss. The problem is, they annoy the hell out of you. Maybe they won’t shut up about the Kardashians, or their political views make you want to jump out a window. Hey, we have all been there.

Twitter is making it easier on users to avoid the awkward unfollow. Instead, you can slap them with a mute button. It’s Around the Horn for Twitter. Users on iOS and Android have noticed a mute button being available, which means Twitter is testing out the new feature. Mute has been available on third-party Twitter applications for a bit now, and it has been well received.

Don’t want your timeline filled up with Steve live-tweeting The Voice? Boom, mute him. If only we could mute CNN from talking about the missing flight, or Fox from beating the Benghazi horse. Seriously, there comes a point when they have a psychological condition.

If the feature is rolled out universally, you will have the ability to mute a user temporarily. If you know they have a tendency to tweet about a show you hate, you can click mute for that day. Headache eliminated.

According to Next Web, the feature does not extend to direct messages or notifications via tagging. If you are curious if you’re one of the lucky ones getting the mute experiment, fire up the app. Click the gear icon and you should see a mute option.

Most social media sites test-drive features before they see the light of day. It could be that Twitter decides against making this feature universal. If that’s the case, download a third-party app like TweetDeck and mute away.

Twitter is refusing to comment on the test, and is referring questions to previous statements regarding company experiments. Here’s hoping it does get the universal rollout. Having the option to shut Donald Trump’s twitter feed up is rather appealing. I’m fired? You’re muted.

We will keep you updated if there is any definitive comment from Twitter regarding the test, and possible new feature.


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