Another Apex Legends Character Is Coming in Season 1

When Respawn Entertainment revealed their 2019 roadmap for Apex Legends, I assumed we were getting one new character per season. That doesn’t appear to be the case based on a PlayStation page covering the game and its Battle Pass.

Below the Battle Pass section, the page reads: “two new characters will launch over the course of the season.”

It looks like Octane will be getting some company sometime between now and June. According to leaks floating around (via data mining), the next Legend could be Wattson. And the leaks point to an ability called Tesla Trap. Sounds like an Arc Star based trap? That’ll be handy to help deter aggressive players and blocking chokepoints.

It’ll be interesting to see how another trap-based hero works. Hopefully, the hitbox is smaller than Caustic. Maybe then Wattson would be worth playing.

With Octane leak being right on the money, it looks like Wattson is a sure bet.

I’m digging the cadence for new content releases. It looks like Respawn was ready to hit the ground running. Too bad the Season 1 Battle Pass didn’t quite deliver. That’s about the only bad thing I can say about Apex. That, and the hacking.

No official word from Respawn on when (or even if) a second Legend coming this season. But the Sony page combined with the leaks points to it happening. And if Season 2 kicks off with a new Legend, we should see Wattson (or whoever) at least a few weeks before the second season kicks off in June.