Another Florida Gun Incident. Grandmother Shoots Grandson Accidentally
grandmother shoots grandson florida

It may be time to institute a test for gun owners. Obviously the heat and humidity ramps up stupidity in the state. It seems Florida lives in the news for accidental shootings.

A grandmother in Tampa accidentally shot her grandson with a .22 caliber handgun, thinking he was an intruder. Yeah, just blindly shoot into the darkness. That always turns out so well.

The boy, Tyler Maddox, is in critical but stable condition at St. Joseph’s hospital. He’s suffering from an upper body gunshot wound. Linda Maddox had placed a chair against her door as a makeshift security system. At around 1am, she heard the chair move and grabbed her handgun. She fired towards the door, striking Tyler.

Right now, Hillsborough County sheriff’s are investigating the incident. Judging by the accidental nature of the shooting, it will likely be ruled an accident. Tyler and his twin brother Tyrique live at the house with their father, Reginald Maddox.

With the boy in stable condition, it looks like this will not end in a tragedy. What this does show is that gun owners need to show more responsibility. Having an accessible, loaded handgun in a house with two 7-year olds is dangerous. Not to mention blindly firing into the darkness.

Owning a firearm is a right, but it also comes with great responsibility on the part of the owner. Too many times accidents result in the death of kids and adults alike.

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