Geometry Wars started as a little arcade game inside of Project Gotham Racing 2. Next month, the franchise returns to a slew of consoles and PC. PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC owners can get their hands on it starting November 25th for PS3, PS4 and PC owners. Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners have to wait until November 26th before they can play it.

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions was announced back in August and will be the first title released under the re-opened Sierra. (Man, I remember playing the old SWAT games made by Sierra back in the day.) Lucid Games is the team developing Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions. Several members on the team worked extensively on the Project Gotham series and previous Geometry Wars titles.

The Activision blog post touts “dynamic 3D environments, as well as a variety of new enemies, bosses, and modes.”

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions will cost $14.99 when it releases late next month. If you’re in Los Angeles area this weekend, swing by IndieCade to get an early hands-on with the title.

Check out 5 minutes of gameplay from PAX (courtesy of IGN) below.


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