The EA Access program gets another game in September. Subscribers can try their hand behind the wheel with Need for Speed Rivals. No specific date was given but an EA post reads, “we will be adding Need for Speed Rivals to The Vault in the coming weeks.”

Need for Speed Rivals will be the fifth game on The Vault. Subscribers can already play Battlefield 4, FIFA 14, Peggle 2 and Madden NFL 25.

EA also talked about how the trial system will work for FIFA 15 and NHL 15. Just like Madden 15, you’ll get six hours of gameplay time starting five days before release date. Achievements and progress will carry over for those of you who buy the game. Plus, you’ll save 10% if you are an EA Access subscriber.

Looks like six hours is the baseline for trials. We’ll see if that holds up when Dragon Age: Inquisition releases in November.

Overall, I’m enjoying EA Access. I used it to pick up Battlefield 4 on Xbox One to play with some friends. I’ve also been playing a decent amount of Madden NFL 25. I haven’t had a chance to jump into Madden 15 much yet (damn you Diablo 3!).

EA Access is still in its infancy. How quickly we see the newest Madden or Dragon Age: Inquisition in The Vault will determine the success of the program. I don’t see it happening any quicker than six months, but subscribers also don’t want to wait a year. EA will have to find a middle ground somewhere in between.


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