Great news. Facebook is reportedly close to launching another social network for you to keep track of. Eventually, a social network for our social networks will release. Until then, we have the report that Facebook is looking to muscle in on LinkedIn and Yammer.

According to a report in the Financial Times, the company is secretly developing a site just for office workers. Now you can accidentally post that keg stand on your corporate profile. Prop bets on how soon someone gets fired over this?

If it goes live, features will include the ability to chat with coworkers, collaborate on shared docs and keep track of your professional contacts. The layout will keep the Newsfeed type of layout, and the goal is to keep your personal and professional life separate.

Sure, Facebook is trying to be altruistic and make sure you don’t suffer any embarrassments. Or, they have found a nice ticket to a secondary revenue stream. If you had a new B2B service, where would your advertising dollars go? To the general Facebook populace, or to an ultra-targeted Facebook for businesses. Exactly.

Facebook for Work Hurdles

Besides the glaring roadblock of the service already exists with Google Docs, LinkedIn and Yammer, Facebook for Work would also face security concerns. While people happily Facebook damn near everything, major corporations rely heavily on security.

What isn’t known about the new service is how secure the communications and document security would be. Facebook unveiled their easy-to-ready privacy policy last week, but a corporate Facebook would be a different animal. Obviously the quickest way to monetize it would be to serve ads, but that would involve targeting and collecting data. Not something big business is going to happily hand over.

Right now, corporations are happy to promote via Facebook, but as of January 2015, that avenue disappears. Now Facebook wants businesses to connect with their workers? Not exactly starting off on the right foot as the company preps to cut page engagement off at the knees.

For now, it’s just a report, but the idea makes sense. Now all Facebook has to do is convince businesses to sign on.

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