Screw 10 year anniversaries, publishers are looking to fill up their calendar with games now. Square Enix is the latest to bring a remastered edition with Sleeping Dogs coming to Xbox One and PS4 in October.

An Amazon listing outed the game. The initial release date posted was October 14, but has been changed to December 31. Probably a placeholder for jumping the gun on the announcement. Looks like all the DLC is coming as well.

$60 seems a bit steep, but is in-line with other remastered editions released this year such as Tomb Raider. Although, The Last of Us Remastered retailed at $50.

I would definitely recommend Sleeping Dogs. But, I would probably hold off until Black Friday. Most of the games coming over the next couple of months are bound to have crazy sales in November.

I do question the timing of Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition if that October release date holds up. I think it would have been better served coming out this month or last month. It’s going to get lost in the October shuffle. That is, if the rest of the games planned for October stay there.

Sleeping Dogs is an excellent open-world game and one I’ll have my eye on as the holiday shopping season gets closer.


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