Is Sony prepping a more powerful PS4 console? Reports from Kotaku and Eurogamer suggested it. Now the Wall Street Journal is throwing their hat into the ring. Their report closely mirrors previous ones. Sony is reportedly working on a new PS4 that handles “higher-end gaming experiences.” This includes virtual reality according to WSJ.

Here’s what else the WSJ had to say. “Existing PlayStation 4 owners would need to buy the new model to take full advantage of the enhanced graphics and power,” it said. “Though it is likely that the current model and the coming one would share the same software catalog.”

Previous reports had me leaning towards this happening. With the WSJ reporting the same thing, it’s almost a certainty in my book. I’ve never known WSJ to be wrong on any of their video game reports.

Hurry up E3

Several big publishers are skipping E3 for their own events, but the big hardware manufacturers are making sure E3 is still a big deal. Nintendo is expected to have a big reveal for their next console there. And all indications are Sony will have a new system to show off too. Not to mention more news on PlayStation VR.

Microsoft teased the potential for an upgraded Xbox One earlier this year. Could we see a new piece of hardware from all three big hardware manufacturers? Sign me up. At the very least, E3 won’t be boring.

Would you buy an upgraded PS4?

An upgraded PS4 makes sense. Virtual reality is notorious for being hardware intensive, and a new PS4 with a bit more under the hood could help close the gap between PSVR and other VR solutions such as Oculus.

The Witcher 3 Geralt fighting

Could an upgraded PS4 give us graphics closer to PC? We’ll see.

If an upgraded PS4 does happen, I want to see what happens with more traditional games. The WSJ report suggests the boosted specs won’t be limited to just VR. But it would also improve regular games. 1080p/60FPS all the time? Yes, please.

What about current PS4 owners? Will they suffer from sub-par games that are designed to take advantage of a potential new PS4? It’s a concern voiced by many in the community, but I don’t think it will be a problem. Sony could always institute minimum specs such as 900p/30FPS. They’re doing it with PSVR. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this extend to regular games.

Price will once again be the biggest barrier for many. Plus, Sony would need to be clear on what an upgraded PS4 would do. More importantly, how would it affect the current PS4?

Me? I hope all of these reports are right. The last generation of consoles lasted way too long. I want to see how what kind of specs are in this thing, and how developers implement this in games. Will we start seeing graphics setting akin to PC on console games?

Would you buy an upgraded PS4? What would be a good price point for you?

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