‘Anthem’ Keeps Looking Better and Better

We’ve seen plenty of Javelins (the mechanized suits we’ll wear) blowing stuff up, but story details have been MIA. That changed at The Game Awards last night.

The power of the Anthem rages on the world where the game takes place. And according to the game’s main antagonist, its power wipes out entire civilizations. Some press folks sat down with members of Bioware before the reveal and gleaned new information about Anthem.

First up, the hooded bad guy narrating the trailer is called the Monitor. He’s one of the leaders of the Dominion, a faction that split from the Freelancers (that’s us). Their goals are similar, but the Monitor leans more towards the Thanos way of doing things.

Also, Anthem won’t go as far into the story-altering decisions as Bioware’s other games like Mass Effect or Dragon Age.

Windows Central has a good write-up with even more info about Anthem’s characters and story.

Anthem will try to become the next big Bioware franchise on February 22, 2019. Some of you will be diving into Anthem’s world this weekend during the closed alpha. Bioware is also bringing VIP demo to those who pre-order on January 25-27. And an open demo on February 1-3.

It looks like EA/Bioware are feeling confident about what they have with Anthem. I can’t wait to see if they deliver.