After 1000 hours of PUBG and another 100 of Ring of Elysium, I was starting to get bored of Battle Royale. Then Respawn Entertainment came in and said, “no you’re not.” Today, the Apex Legends community is 50 million strong. And Respawn created a fun video celebrating some of the best moments over the past month.

Shoutout to Grampa’s 3-piece with the Triple Take. Grampa’s slick no-scope action wasn’t the only highlight. A few stats show us how we’re playing Apex Legends:

– 158 million finishers used

– 1.23 billion ultimates activated

– 31 billion pings placed

– 170 million respawns

– 1? Mozambique kill

Respawn is embracing the Mozambique meme here, but I would love to see how many kills it actually has. We all trash the gun, but I managed two with it in one game.

Apex Legends came out of nowhere to give us a blend of Respawn’s fantastic Titanfall gameplay mixed with their take on the Battle Royale genre. It’s awesome to see Respawn find this insane amount of success after Titanfall 2 was overlooked. Plus, just dropping it without marketing didn’t give everyone a chance to judge it before playing it.

Over the past few days, folks have been pointing out that the map for Apex Legends leaked nearly a year ago. It’s hilarious reading the comments to the Reddit thread today after Respawn delivered arguably the best Battle Royale at launch.

So what’s next for Apex Legends? The community is already clamoring for new content, and the devs are set to deliver on that front sometime this month. No word on a specific release date, but we do know a Battle Pass, new Legends, weapons, and loot are coming in March.

Respawn is taking the same ‘Season’ approach we’ve seen other games use with each ‘Season’ lasting three months.

Apex Legends is barely a month old. It’s going to be a fun ride to see how the game evolves through the rest of 2019.

Shooters are my jam, but I like to dip into story games from time to time as well. You can reach me at [email protected]

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