Apex Legends’ Season 3 Character Is Crypto, Charge Rifle Also Revealed

The next character coming to Apex Legends was shown off at a recent GameStop Managers Conference. And a handful of pictures were posted on Reddit giving us a glimpse of what was shown. Crypto is coming to Season 3. Here are the images leaked from the conference (1, 2, 3).

On the Crypto image, we see a drone in the top right of the image. This lines up with what data miners are noticing too. YouTuber That1MiningGuy uploaded a video earlier this month detailing what some of the game’s code reveals about Crypto. Development is fluid so there could be changes ahead of the official release – but a drone is mentioned.

It appears Crypto will be a tracker character similar to Bloodhound. The drone can be deployed to scout up to 200 meters away. It lasts 40 seconds, and can also hack doors, loot bins, and pick up banners according to That1MiningGuy. And yes, it can be destroyed. Crypto’s passive lets teammates see what the drone is detecting up to 30 meters away.

The ultimate ability charges an EMP blast from the drone. It’ll do shield damage, slow enemy players, and take out any traps.

The Charge Rifle was also revealed. This is another gun making its way from the Titanfall franchise. In Titanfall, it was an anti-Titan weapon. But it could also be used to take out players in a single shot. It’s most likely an air-drop weapon falling into the same category as the Kraber.

It’s an interesting choice by Respawn. The Charge Rifle was designed solely to take out Titans. Sure, it could one-shot pilots – but its primary use was for taking out Titans. We’ve seen limited-time events in Apex Legends before, like the solo mode this past month. I’m crossing my fingers the Charge Rifle means we might get a limited time Titan mode.

The last leak out of the conference was a new Gibraltar skin that implies a possible Halloween event. We know Respawn is focused on three types of events each season: Season Launch, Themed Events, Collection Events. A new themed event is coming early next month focusing on a “certain Phase expert” (sounds like Wraith). I’m guessing the Gibraltar skin is a Collection Event themed around Halloween, which lines up with the already announced Collection Event planned for October. Or, it could be part of the next Battle Pass.

Respawn also will announce changes to how the October Collection Event will work based on feedback from the Iron Crown Collection Event. Translation? Fans were pissed this month, and Respawn is listening.

We’ll see what else Respawn has planned for Season 3 as Season 2 wraps up.