Apex Legends Is Letting Us Go Solo For Two Weeks

One way Apex Legends stands out from the Battle Royale pack is it forces you into a team of three. No solos. No duos. Since its launch, fans have pushed the folks at Respawn to add a solo mode. Well, Respawn listened and are going to give us two weeks of solo mayhem starting on August 13. It’s all part of the new Iron Crown Collection Event.

A limited-time mode is surprising. EA’s other shooter, Battlefield V, likes to do similar limited-time modes – but DICE’s shooter lacks the much larger audience of Apex Legends. Maybe Respawn is using this event as a trial run to see if the game’s fanbase really does want a solo mode. And if the player base can support all the modes (unranked, ranked, and solo) without matchmaking times seeing any impact.

Two modes aren’t a big deal, but a third? Apex Legends sits as one of the most popular games right now(it sits at #6 on Xbox’s Most Played Chart), but a third mode could present matchmaking issues as the game’s players move to other games in the coming months. Right now, the solo mode is temporary. We’ll have to wait and see how players respond to the solo mode and how it might influence Respawn’s decisions around which game modes stay live going forward.

The short trailer above doesn’t say much about the Iron Crown Collection Event, but we’re bound to see some cosmetics drop alongside it.

In other recent Apex Legends news, developer Tina Sanchez teased some behind the scenes work on what is most likely a new Legend given the mocap suits.