I know, you can’t seem to figure out why your to-do list app was rejected. If you took a survey for the number one reason Apple rejects apps, most would say censorship. Apple runs a tight ship, so it’s not a bad guess. You would be wrong according to Apple’s first foray into a listicle.

Apple took the seven-day period ending August 28, and came up with the top-ten reasons why apps were tossed in the rejection bin. The number one reason? Lack of information. Number two was you app is buggy mess and causes crashes. Third is that the apps do not comply with the Developer Program License Agreement. Have fun reading through that to get the answer pertinent to you.

This is the first time Apple has allowed a little transparency into the app acceptance and rejection area. The company has been notorious for being opaque when it comes to these decisions. Cottage industries have sprung up as a result to help developers get their apps through the selection process.

Other reasons should come as common sense to developers. Links in the app must be functional. No placeholder images are allowed. Descriptions for the app must not be misleading. Looking at you freemium apps.

Also, if your app depends on ads, Apple wants them to be ‘engaging and useful.’ Yeah, that is heavily nuanced, but it means you shouldn’t be an advertisement first, and an app second.

If you have already submitted an app and had it rejected, you are not allowed to resubmit a similar app. That sounds like a shotgun approach some developers use to get as many apps into the store as possible.

Check out Apple’s post of the subject. As for aspiring developers, definitely make sure the app is as bug free as possible before you submit.


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