So, Bigger is Better. Apple Approves Size Increase for Apps
apple app size

Stuck with the 16GB iPhone? Prepare to start hating life more than you already do. Apple is saying size does matter, at least in the richer mobile experience. If you have the larger storage iPhone, you are cheering the move. Richer apps means mobile becomes more compelling.

Those lacking in storage space need to be aware come upgrade time, and Apple needs to immediately bump the low tier iPhone generations storage. The next iPhone generation should not have a 16GB option. Not if you are allowing 4GB apps.

The iPhone 5C has just 8GB of storage. Accounting for the 3GB iOS (pick a number) takes up, one 4GB app leaves you with 1GB. Hello update hell.

I’m actually for the move. In steps. The company needs to follow its own lead in shouting how storage prices have come down. Bigger screen, more onboard storage. Apps and mobile games would be able to take advantage of the storage and increased processing power to create near desktop experiences.

Luckily, the most popular apps are lean on memory. Facebook’s app takes up just under 65MB, Instagram? A paltry 12.4MB. Your selfie roll? That’s just absurd at this point.

The move to expand app file sizes has all the hallmarks of gaming. It has become a mainstay, and graphics are needed to match up with desktop counterparts. Will you be playing GTA V on your phone? Probably not, but making MOBAs with parity has some serious commercial appeal.

Apple’s new file size change applies only to apps downloaded over WiFi. We all know we don’t want to anger the largest 4G LTE network or the uncarrier bunch. Cellular downloads are still capped to 100MB.

The company released a statement saying it would allow developers to “include more media in your submission and provide a more complete, rich user experience upon installation.”

The question is will this gain traction. For games, sure? But a 4GB Facebook app? That’s hard to imagine in the near-term unless there’s a stealth one being done in conjunction with Oculus.

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