Beats $3 billion paycheck from Apple is losing a bit of its luster today. Reports are coming out that the acquisition between Apple and Beats is entering a difficult phase. The number of reported layoffs stands at 200 as Apple looks to trim redundancies between the two companies.

The layoff news was first reported by Apple site 9to5Mac. They say the majority of the layoffs will come from Beats’ human resources, finance and support areas. Beats’ top brass will stay on board including Ian Rogers (CEO), Trent Reznor (creative head) and Jimmy Iovine. His contacts and experience in the entertainment industry are seen as a big win for Apple in the Beats acquisition.

The New York Post is also reporting Apple will cut 200 jobs at Beats.

9to5Mac is also reporting the integration of Beats Music into iTunes won’t be quick, and will require some restructuring to get it to work.

As for final approval of the Apple/Beats deal, European regulators have already approved the merger with U.S. regulators also expected to approve it. Competition is fierce in the headphone and music streaming business, so there are no concerns of antitrust issues. If anything, Apple will face an uphill climb as they play catch up to companies such as Spotify. Something Apple isn’t use to doing.


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