Yesterday, TechCrunch reported Apple plans to shut down Beats Music. Fast forward to today, and Apple tells TechCrunch their report “is not true.”

So, what’s going on?

Besides telling TechCrunch their story is ‘not true,’ Apple isn’t saying much about Beats Music.

Re/Code is reporting Apple may modify Beats Music over time and one area could be in changing the branding. This makes sense. Apple lags behind Spotify and other music streaming companies and Apple can use Beats Music as a jump off point.

The iTunes brand still carries a lot of weight given the focus on the U2 album giveaway this month. Yeah, that commercial is pretty annoying now. I saw it on pretty much every football game over the weekend.

Shifting the Beats Music brand towards iTunes Radio would be relatively easy. The signs are already there. Apple moved Ian Rogers, Beats’ chief executive, to oversee iTunes Radio.

iTunes Radio is probably the future for Apple, when it comes to music streaming. How they integrate Beats Music into it is the question.

Beats Music, even if it doesn’t survive in its current iteration, still benefits Apple. Beats Music offers industry relationships and tech that Apple may not have otherwise had.

Apple is all about continuity between its brands. I would be shocked if Beats Music exists as is by the end of the year.


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