Today, Apple unveiled its top apps, movies, TV shows and more. I’m going to focus on the gaming side of things with iPhone Game of the Year and iPad Game of the Year.

Threes! scores game of the year honors for iPhone. It’s a simple, card puzzle game created by indie studio Sirvo. Apple describes Threes! as “instantly appealing and nearly impossible to put down.”

Check out a quick play of Threes! from Youtuber ZackScottGames below. It’s concept is simple, but can be tricky to master.

Monument Valley took home game of the year honors for iPad. USTwoGames thanked everyone who played Monument Valley and thanked Apple for the “tremendous honor.”

Apple loved Monument Valley’s “beautiful minimalist style” and said “this genre-defining effort wows at every turn. its clever challenges and hidden depth left us in perpetual state of awe.”

Check out this beautiful trailer of Monument Valley.

Apple also highlighted several other games as ‘Top Games.’ These include Hitman GO, Battleheart Legacy, XCOM: Enemy Within, Rival Knights and more.

As USTwoGames put it in their blog post, “It’s been a fantastic year for mobile games.”


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