In today’s edition of ‘The World of Tech,’ Apple acquired startup Ottocat, the Samsung Galaxy S6 gets a teardown and Hulu launches a GIF search engine.

Apple Acquired Ottocat

This happened sometime in 2013, but we are hearing about it today. TechCruch’s Ingrid Lunden is reporting Apple acquired the search startup Ottocat in 2013. You know that ‘Explore’ tab in the App Store? That’s some of Ottocat’s tech.

Ottocat’s tech is all about doing away with keywords and focusing on more specific subcategories. If you look at the ‘Entertainment’ section of ‘Explore’ on your iPhone, you’ll see subcategories for everything from ‘TV Times’ to ‘Tips and Tricks.’

Why didn’t we hear about this acquisition? Ottocat was a small startup at the time. Most acquisitions don’t get big media coverage. Only when a big company buys another big company. Look at Apple buying Beats for example.

iFixit Tears Down the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

samsung galaxy s6 teardown


iFixit is back with another teardown. This time it’s the Galaxy S6 Edge. It’s repairability score? Just a 3 out of 10. The website says many of the S6 Edge’s components are modular and can be replaced independently. But, issues start to pop up when replacing the front and back glass.

“Replacing the glass without destroying the display is going to be very difficult,” iFixit writes.

How does the S6 Edge compare to the iPhone 6 Plus? The 6 Plus scored a 7 out of 10 for reparability. Check out the S6 Edge’s innards over at iFixit.

Hulu Launches a GIF Search Engine

Hulu GIF website

Hulu is out to win some internet points today. They just launched a new search engine powered by Tumblr. They are calling it ‘The Perfect GIF.’

Search your favorite show for a GIF for any situation. Tags include #WTF, #AWKWARD, #DENIED and more.

Each GIF comes with a Hulu watermark and the show it’s from.

You didn’t think Hulu was going to do this without a little marketing did you? Hulu GIFs can be shared across Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest and email. Hulu also promises it will constantly update the site with new GIFs coming shortly after new episodes air.

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