Let’s Rank the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Ads
Apple iPhone 7 Launch

Apple is back at it with the iPhone 7 marketing blitz. And you didn’t need to be psychic to know what the company wants the focus on. Camera. Camera. Did you know how badass the camera is in low-light? And more camera…

Expect that to be pushed ad nauseam. The company already had a Sports Illustrated photographer hit the NFL’s opening weekend with the iPhone 7 Plus. No surprise Apple is touting the camera on the iPhone 7.

The next feature is the fact you can take it out in the rain thanks to its new water resistance.

Hmmm. Why can’t my weather app do that? And I’m all for enjoying your hobby no matter the weather, but that looks pretty bad out there. That’s Today Show-level of crazy to go for a bike ride. Sure you don’t want to enjoy the display and watch Netflix and live?

Apple, only a 30-second spot featuring AC/DC’s Thunderstruck? You’re supposed to love music…

Apple Watch Almost Admits it’s a Fitness Tracker

Sure, it’s a stylish one. The Apple Series 2 ad is all about ‘Go Time.’ Plenty of fitness activities shown off, including the fact it’s now waterproof for swimmers. I think the dude on the bike in the iPhone ad could have used the watch judging by the storm.

Apple still isn’t ready to go all in on fitness, because that ceramic band isn’t selling itself on being your lap timer. We get a look at the mindful moments reminding you to breathe and it showing off the quickness of watchOS 3. It may be a ‘want,’ but Apple is damn sure trying to turn its watch line into a ‘need.’

My favorite iPhone 7 commercial spot so far will be buried by the two new iPhone 7 spots:

Nice nod to the jet black version that’s sold out everywhere. Water resistance. The cameras for both the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. And an owl. It’s awesome and is everything a teaser ad should be. It doesn’t beat you over the head with the product, nor does it send some poor guy out to die for a bike ride in a thunderstorm.

Though the iPhone 7 is touted as practically magic; that won’t help you if hit by lightning. Nor will the warranty cover liquid damage.

Your turn. Rank the latest slate of ads from Apple. My vote stays with the owl.

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