Or some other camera stuff? Yep, Apple loves running the damn iPhone 6S commercials during football. It’s the only time I watch commercials. And now I have the lady’s voice stuck every time I hear someone say ‘stuff.’ Nah, this kind of stuff.

Rumors with a side of rumors for the iPhone 7. Will it be waterproof? What about the headphone jack? Will it jump and make me a sandwich? Sounds like it, pitchfork-inducing maybe and I doubt it. Siri will tell us to get off our ass and make our own lunch.

The biggest rumor? Camera technology. More specifically, a dual back camera. Oh, the camera nerd in me is excited. Why? No more digital zoom. A true optical zoom baked into an iPhone. Now make the damn thing waterproof.

iPhone 7 Dual Camera

All of the rumors are based on patent applications. I know, companies file patents like the rest of us drink coffee. It’s what they do. But, the camera on the iPhone has always been a focus of Apple’s iPhone division.

One of the chief marketing campaigns centered around handing out iPhone 6’s to professional photographers and showing off the capabilities of the camera’s sensor.

If Apple does go the dual camera route, optical zoom is a guarantee. The patent notes stacking two camera modules behind the lens creating the option for both standard shots and a telephoto mode.

iPhone 7 dual camera rumors

It also gives iPhone photographers the option to change focal lengths. Into photography? Your ears just perked up hearing that. No more cropping and reducing image quality to get the shot you want in post.

Zoom functions and multiple focal lengths. What else Apple? How about shooting video and burst stills at the same time. Granted, you’ve been able to do that since the iPhone 5, but quality takes a hit.

Apple explains the dual-shooting possibilities with iMovie in the patent:

“[Imagine] capturing a child extinguishing candles on a birthday cake…In some embodiments, second camera module 3084 can be used as a telephoto camera module to zoom in on the face of the child as she is about to blow out the candles and first camera module 3082 can capture a burst of high resolution still images of her smiling face. In some embodiments, first camera module 3082 is simultaneously capturing standard 1080p 30 frames per second video of the entire group of kids gathered and singing around the cake…As the two camera modules are synchronized in time, the still images can easily be automatically inserted at the right time in a final video stream.”

Did someone let the marketing department write the patent? I can’t read that without slipping into a British accent.

[divider]Standard and Slow Motion[/divider]

The features of the patent sound a bit outsized even for an iPhone announcement. Now comes the part about shooting in both standard and slo-mo. The dual-camera hardware will allow the user to shoot at both speeds. In fact, Apple wants the ability to combine 4K, 1080p, slo-mo and stills into one seamless video in post production.

“Some embodiments generate a synthetic result image at least in part from data of the first image and data of the second image. In some embodiments, the synthetic intermediate image has is generated by enhancing the first image using data from the second image. Some embodiments display the first image and the second image in a shared screen interface.”

Apple marketing missed a paragraph. Translation is the company wants to be your go-to camera and start moving against DSLRs. I’m not giving up my Nikon, Apple. I love you, but the answer is no. What the company used for optical stabilization in the 6 Plus variants should provide us with the ability to zoom and swap focal lengths in upcoming generations of the iPhone.

Now the company needs to up the battery life. Can you imagine dual-shooting in 4K and bursting stills? Later battery life. And then there is storage. I get profit margins, but the 16GB iPhone? That has to go. It’s time peg the base model at 32GB.

It’ll be an interesting year for Apple. The company is already getting dinged by Wall Street analysts who think sales could nudge lower for the year. Then again, those same analysts have been saying that for years.

Sound off below. Is a dual camera setup a must-have, or are you looking forward to other rumored features like waterproofing and wireless charging?

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