It’s a common refrain on the internet. Wait for the iPhone 8 for the stellar design changes. AMOLED screens. Saying goodbye to bezels. It’ll make you lunch. You get the point. But, Apple has three counters to analysts who bemoan the iPhone 7 and Plus variant.

iPhone Emotion

The first is psychology. Check out the Google trends for the iPhone event compared to the Samsung Galaxy S7. The number of searches favors Apple in general in the week building towards the reveal. But inside the searches show a win for the company. Apple has tapped the emotion of searchers over the spec wonks. iPhone 7 color is the second most searched term for the smartphone.

Those hoping for the rumored blue color will be left disappointed, but if you’re a fan of piano black, you’re in luck. Black in general as the company is rumored to have a slate of color options which also ditches Space Grey. That’s the latest rumor and a solid bet come September 7.

iPhone 7 camera is the third most searched term, and the smaller handset fans are going to be disappointed. The Plus model is the one rumored with the dual sensors. It makes sense. Only so so much you can cram into a smartphone. The Plus models lend a bit more real estate and will have the better camera option. That’s not to say the base iPhone 7 won’t have a better camera; it just won’t blow anyone away.

One area that’s concerning is there’s no bump in MP. Saving that for the iPhone 8? Sure, megapixels is a marketing term, but there comes the point having a few extra won’t hurt the marketing. Especially when the iPhone has been surpassed by other handsets. The iPhone 7 Plus won’t have that issue, but the fragmenting of the consumer base may be a concern.

A search term Apple executives have to hate at this point is ‘iPhone 7 wireless charging.’ Sorry folks. Maybe next year. They want to kill the headphone jack first.

Samsung Goes Tech Specs

The run up to the Samsung Galaxy S7/Edge was filled with tech-related searches. Storage capacity ranked near the top along with hardware specs.

Though if the rumors are right, the iPhone 7 is about to distance itself further from the Galaxy S7. The A10 chip is set to make its debut in the handset alongside a bump in RAM for the iPhone 7 Plus. Benchmarks on speed should be interesting when it lands in the hands of reviewers.

Storage issues will finally be solved with Apple killing the 16GB option. Good lord Apple, the insistence on keeping the ridiculous 16GB SKU was absurd three years ago. Storage options are rumored to be 32, 128 and 256GB. We all get margins but damn Apple. Why not bump it to 64GB as the base model?

Emotions and tech specs are solid for the phone that seemed destined to be a disappointment.

Apple Upgrade

With two-year contracts a thing of the past, the company has an ace up its sleeve. The iPhone Upgrade Program. You get a new phone every year plus AppleCare+. Maybe you’re rocking the iPhone 5S still. Sign up for the program and pay the monthly payments. On the 12th payment, you get the option for a new iPhone. Upgrade and you get the iPhone 8 next year.

AppleCare+ means you get two ‘I have no idea how it became shattered’ moments to replace your phone. Your wall will keep your secret.

And it’s unlocked so you can discover the convoluted data plans of T-Mobile, listen to Verizon insist it has the best network or go with the old standard of AT&T. We all wait for the first company to reintroduce true unlimited data plans with contracts. Comcast does it with discounted Gigabit. Why not cell providers with unlimited data. Real unlimited data. Not the bullshit it’s unlimited, but we prioritize after a certain threshold.


What Apple has always had going for it is it just works. Yes, there have been security scares as of late, but the fragmentation of the Android platform continues to be a problem. Malware is more prevalent on the devices thanks to an open platform. Updates to the software are a mishmash of what handset manufacturer gets which updates. Apple keeps it simple with a push notification. You update the phone, it restarts, and you’re good to go. Minus the instances when the updates skipped testing.

Android devices have been making strides towards usability, and you can make the argument it has surpassed Apple. But, the company is dealing with a global recall of a flagship device right as Apple is set to launch its latest version. Bad luck and one you can expect Apple PR to point out.

The App Store is more vetted than Google Play and users always seem to get Apps first. Developers know what version of iOS they are working on, and it keeps things running as smoothly as working with Apple ever resembles smooth. And the closed ecosystem is a bonus when you’re an Apple fan. iOS, macOS, and watchOS all work seamlessly together. Though, can we get a damn refresh on the Macbook line?

Will Apple have a ‘one more thing’ moment on September 7? It’s doubtful. And unnecessary. Circumstances have placed it back at the top of premium smartphones. The upgrade program is a stroke of brilliance to keep people locked in the ecosystem. And the specs are destined to benchmark better than its competitors.

Still, wouldn’t it be cool to be surprised again at an Apple conference? Come on Tim. You know you want that moment.

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