File the iPhone 6 Plus recall under ‘events Apple didn’t need’ as it approaches its yearly iPhone launch event. Toss in a bruising month on Wall Street and the company is looking to buy a break.

The issue lies with the iSight camera on the back of the iPhone 6 Plus. The ‘selfie’ or FaceTime camera is fine. Apple is targeting phones sold between September 2014 and January 2015. The rear camera is defective in a small percentage of 6 Plus units, causing blurred, unfocused photos.

Apple will replace the camera for free via authorized service providers, your local Apple store or contacting tech support for a replacement. Head over to Apple and type in your serial number.

Before you ask Siri, the process is painless: Settings > General > About. A couple taps and you should see the serial number. If you’re a hoarder and have the original box, the serial number is on the back. You can also look it up via iTunes. Option one is the easiest.

If your camera has issues, type in the serial number. If it doesn’t, don’t bother. One, you don’t want to set an appointment time at your local Apple store. The closest to me is Birmingham. Why ruin your day if your phone is perfectly fine.

iphone 6 plus recall

Those that do have issues, try to avoid the technical support. Setting up a swap means sending your phone in and then getting a replacement. It’s about a five-day wait you’ll be dealing with a phone. No texts. No Facebook. No calls.

Hmmm, I do not see any issues with a forced technology vacation.

Apple Woes

The first indication there was an issue came late last year when support threads began popping up on Apple’s website. One thread has well over a hundred replies with people complaining about the camera’s hardware problem.

An interesting aside to the recall is how close it is occurring to the annual iPhone launch event. I’ll give them credit for the weekend news dump, but damn. This close to Apple’s 6S and 6S Plus launch party?

The new phones and iPads must be damn amazing, or Apple has calculated the beating on Wall Street is nearing its end. Its stock has been battered over recent weeks as global economic slowdown fears have dominated Wall Street.

Apple moving forward with a limited recall is a calculated risk that it won’t dominate the news cycle. Other items will hit mainstream news, and tech news will move on the latest rumors surrounding its September event.

For iPhone owners, type in your serial number if your camera is having issues. No issues? Don’t stress it. Keep snapping photos.

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