In the words of Mel Gibson’s William Wallace, former Apple iPhone users are shouting freedom this morning. For those of you that haven’t switched from say iOS to Android, the problem revolved around iMessage.

People that switched from an Apple device to an Android device were reporting their text message inbox was suddenly empty. Seeing as no one actually calls anyone anymore, iMessage became the prime suspect.

Even after switching their number to a new phone and operating system, a customer’s number was still being sucked into the iMessage system. Today, there’s a fix to de-register your number from the service. Head over to Apple’s website and enter your number. From there, Apple sends a confirmation code, and the chains are cut loose from iMessage.

The code instantly de-registers the number, and the incessant texting can continue. Hopefully you enjoyed your brief vacation from the mundane texts you receive from everyone.

Apple initially said they were aware of the problem months ago, and were working on a fix. Why it took months to get one? Well, I’m sure there are plenty of mini-conspiracy theories about.

If you are one of the people affected by the issue, jump over to Apple’s site.

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