Westworld, Game of Thrones, True Detective Season 2 – well two of those three anyways. Even HBO can’t get it right all the time. Apple is reportedly interested in hopping aboard the original TV show wagon.

The Wall Street Journal reports the TV series would be bundled with Apple Music, the $9.99/month subscription service that is competing against Spotify. A standout TV show (or a couple) of the likes of Westworld or Stranger Things would go a long way in competing against Spotify. One great TV show would be enough for me to sign up. At least, long enough to binge it.

Now, finding the next hit TV show? That’s easier said than done. For every Game of Thrones and Stranger Things, there are shows that don’t even make it to the end of their first season.

The WSJ says the iPhone maker has talked with veteran producers recently about purchasing rights to scripted television programs. But the report also makes it clear Apple isn’t trying to become the next Netflix or Hulu. Only a handful of TV shows or movies would be bundled with the Apple Music service.

Which makes sense. Add too many shows, and the price needs to go up. The idea would be to keep the price the same and offer just enough content to differentiate the service from Spotify.

It’ll be interesting to see if this report pans out.

Let’s say Apple does purchase the rights to a couple of shows, and the shows turned out great. Subscriptions for Apple Music would presumably spike. And those users would, in turn, want more programming. Apple might not want to become the next Netflix or HBO, but if the demand were there – would Apple turn away? That’s all speculation, but I wouldn’t hesitate to subscribe if the right shows are offered. Hell, give me another season of Jericho, and I’ll toss ten bucks Apple’s way right now.

So, when can we see if Apple’s first original TV show is a hit? The WSJ says Apple is hoping to debut it by the end of the year. This show will be in addition to the spinoff of James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke segment Apple picked up last year.

Bottom line: Apple is looking to add a couple of pieces of original content to make Apple Music standout more from Spotify. Don’t expect Netflix quantity of content, but Apple hopes it will be Netflix quality.

What kind of TV show would instantly make you subscribe to Apple Music?

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