Apple’s launch event has more leaks than a Clinton campaign. What is Apple going to launch? Umm, it’s September. What do they always launch in September? iPhones.

In addition to the iPhone 6S launch, we should see an iPad Pro and a new Apple TV. The Apple TV is an interesting one. On the surface, you think Chromecast, and you’re not that far off. For now.

Yes, some people think it will have a video game bent to take on Sony and Microsoft’s console dominance. Not going to happen. Sure, slap Minecraft on there and let Microsoft take 70 percent for doing approximately nothing. Past that, it’s the games you have on your phone upscaled to your TV.

But, Apple doesn’t have to compete with console gaming to be a force. No, the rumor is Periscope, the live-stream app from Twitter, is coming to the Apple TV. Periscope allows people to live stream their daily lives to their followers via mobile devices.

Apple wants to take that and put it on your TV. Think the YouTube app on your SmartTV. Rumors are swirling it could be demoed on stage today or at the very least announced.

Periscope has been moving to a living room experience for live-streams since it made the videos available to watch on the web in June. Making the leap to the TV in your living room is the natural progression.

Why does Apple give a damn about Periscope? Two reasons.

First, it needs a selling point. Why am I throwing down $150? What does it do the Chromecast, Amazon Fire Stick or Roku can’t? Apple desperately needs differentiation. Everyone stood up and went nuts over the iOS to OSX handoffs. Now take that to the TV.

Second? It allows developers to go nuts with it. The box has the power, a closed ecosystem to develop without worry of forked versions of Android on the various dongles and set-top boxes. Battery life? No longer a problem. Your TV is plugged in.

Network connection? Unless you move your TV around trying to get your chi right, the thing hasn’t moved since you bribed your buddy to help you move it in.

Apple wants to take over the living room. Yeah, we all say we don’t watch TV, yet what are we doing most nights? Watching TV.

Which brings us back to Periscope. Twitter needs to throw one deep and Apple just cleared the field. It already has the popularity among the younger generation and offers a uniqueness that appeals to damn near every industry.

News? Please, anything to not hear Wolf Blitzer ask me to tweet him at SitRoom. Periscope would offer instant live coverage of events on a scale we’ve never seen.

Social? You just thought you loved to hate YouTube personalities. Welcome to your own personal hell. And then there are the possible integrations between various channels. Imagine a Food Network that is live. Or HGTV… Jesus, I’m hiding the remote from my mom.

And gaming. Everyone’s singular focus on if Apple TV lives or dies. Periscope allows it to have its cake and eat it too. Glance at Twitch. Watch viewer numbers skyrocket around tournaments and quickly surpass what some networks get during sweeps.

The immediate response is Periscope doesn’t handle gaming. True, but the product is all about progression. How to offer the most immersive experience for fans. Yeah, watching people play video games seems weird. Yet, I watch Alex play all the time.

It’s an interesting play. Apple needs an angle for your living room. Twitter needs to be relevant on the tech stage. We will see if Periscope is the answer to both needs.


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