We’ve all seen the smart light bulbs that help wake us up in the morning. Sounds great, but what about the rest of the day? Can I get a warm sunset to relax in the evening? Maybe a little blue light to keep me going through the day?

Ario is promising yes and more. The Kickstarter campaign is taking the tech world by storm. A lamp that changes direction and lighting based on time of the day? I find it hilarious we all shrug at the latest iPad or computer now, but a smart lamp? It’s so damn amazing.

Why Lighting is Important

Excellent question. Ever binged Netflix on your iPad till 3 am and wonder why you felt terrible the next day? It’s all the blue light you took in watching House of Cards. We have screwed up our circadian rhythm.

Ario’s team correctly points out that we evolved according to the rhythm of the sun. Yeah, our SOL cavemen ancestors didn’t have access to WiFi, meaning when the sun went down, it was time for bed.

Today? We have distractions everywhere. Tablets, phones, phones the size of tablets and 4K TV. Our sleep cycles? Destroyed. I know mine gets screwed up. Damn you iPhone. It’s a love/hate relationship.

Our bodies respond to light direction, color, intensity and time. At each point, our body releases hormones according to the light levels. These regulate everything from sleep to metabolism to mood.

Grumpy bastard in the morning? It’s not the wrong side of the bed; you lack the right light.

NASA has known this for years and has installed lighting systems to help astronauts adapt to the changing patterns in their sleep/wake cycles. I’m sure Mark Watney would have appreciated the better lighting and probably access to a seed bank.


Regardless, if he were around, he would be glad Ario set out to science the shit out of a lamp.

Benefits of Great Lighting

It doesn’t just make a Photoshop editor’s job easier. It makes you healthier. Your current bedside lamp? It throws your internal clock off by three hours. Wait? I should have slept three more hours today? Thanks, science…

Blue-rich light helps stimulate the production of cortisol to keep you awake and alert.


Amber-toned lighting strips the blue and makes it easier for you to wind down at the end of the day. Melatonin production ramps up in the amber-toned environment. Under normal lighting, the production is blocked.


Ario Features

Complete control. You set the Ario to your schedule, and the lamp keeps learning as you adapt. Perfect for the night owls among us. While WiFi is enabled, it doesn’t need always on to remember its settings. If the Internet goes down or you lose power, the lamp recalls its settings.

Smart home integration. A smart lamp that doesn’t integrate with existing smart home technologies? That would be odd. Ario syncs with your existing setup.

LEDs. Sorry incandescents. We loved you, but you just can’t give us what we want anymore. Ario’s LEDs offer a 20+ year lifespan and up to 80% energy savings compared to the old lights.

Here are the complete specs:

ario smart lamp specs


No manual is needed unless you like reading those things. Unbox. Plug it in. Connect to your Wifi and download the app. That’s it.

There are physical controls if your phone is in another room. On/off, bright/dim and color are on the stand.

The app offers more features such as a sunrise alarm. Need to set your timezone? Done. Want to personalize the color temperature range? Go for it. Besides, maybe you like the hospital white.

Ario Kickstarter

The campaign barely went live before it ripped past its funding goal of $50,000. 43 days remain on the campaign and Ario is sitting at $85,000.

Pricing? $249 and it ships September 2016. Need two? $498. How about filling your house with smart lamps? Five Arios are priced at $1,099.

I wish the ship date was sooner, but they are not exactly building a bottle opener. Jump over to Kickstarter to learn more about Ario and the science behind their lighting revolution.

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