October 8th can’t come quick enough for fans of CW’s Arrow. A few years ago, if you asked who I thought could handle a comic book show, CW would have been last on the list. Instead, they are starting the fall season with a hit comic book series, and debuting Flash, another surefire hit for CW.

Season 2 of Arrow ended with Oliver Queen capturing Slade Wilson / Deathstroke and imprisoning him on the island they escaped years before. Yeah, I’m hoping Slade escapes just because Manu Bennett is such a badass. Crixus on Spartacus and Deathstroke on Arrow. Yeah kids, he’s awesome.

But, now it’s all about season three. What happens with Oliver and Felicity? Where does Roy go from here? Will Ra’s al Ghul make this the best season yet?

Arrow Season Three Trailers

CW has done a pretty solid job in marketing the upcoming season. The biggest preview came back in late July with a look back at season 2 and then a preview of season three complete with Ra’s al Ghul voicing over the trailer. ‘You have failed this city’ is also looking to make a return.

Another trailer steers into a little bit of the cheesiness the show is loved for. Titled ‘High Speed Chase’ it shows off the characters and hints a bigger role for Laurel. Please CW, make her into a hero. Her part seems beyond forced at this point.

Arrow Communities

What’s a comic book show without a dedicated community. Two communities spring to mind. One is the Arrow subreddit. It boasts over 22,000 subscribers and that number will grow with the start of season 3. News, spoilers and theories live on the site.

Another is the NeoGaf thread for the show. Not quite as big as the subreddit, but just as fervent of fans. This thread will probably get another as soon as the season starts, so be aware of any bookmarks you set.

Arrow Season 3 Spoilers

These are coming fast and furious, but I’m going to hit the smaller ones. If you want the bigger spoilers, hit the two communities. No sense in spoiling it if you don’t want to be.

The big question that was answered this month was who was playing Ra’s al Ghul. Matt Nable has been tapped for the role. If the name sounds sorta familiar, it’s because he played Johns in the most recent Riddick movie.

Trick arrows are supposed to make a bigger appearance in Arrow. A bridge of the seasons in comic form has hinted at the introduction. Showrunners have said they are leaving the door wide open.

The 2.5 comic answers a lot of questions left over from season 2. For one, what happens to Detective Lance, and also Brother Blood? Could Sebastian Blood be making a return appearance despite being killed by Ravager in the finale?

Not really a spoiler, but it will be great to see Oliver in Hong Kong. The island backstory was great, but it is definitely time to move on.

Malcolm Merlin will be returning as main cast member this season, so that leaves open the question of what he transforms Thea into.

With Ra’s al Ghul in the mix, one has to think we will see a return of Nyssa al Ghul. If they just want to make the show a Spartacus reunion, I’m completely onboard. Sara showed up in the preview trailers, so it’s a safe bet the Assassins are coming back to Starling City.

There are plenty more spoilers, and we will give a recap just before the show airs. Also, people that haven’t seen season 2 will have to wait till October to catch it on Netflix.

Be sure to check out the two communities for Arrow fans above. Let us know what you’re looking forward to most. Yeah, I know. Olicity.


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