If you’ve ever been to Reddit, you’ve seen the content from the subreddit AskScience. The volunteer moderators for the subreddit are giving even more back to the community today, launching a quarterly magazine.

Dubbed AskScience Quarterly, it has the tough task of pulling the best of the content and putting it into an issue based format. The goal of the moderators is to take the latest in science research and put it into bite-sized pieces, but still retaining technical details. Moderators embrace our lack of attention span and our quest for more details. Someone should do a study on that. This is tl;dr, but damn it, I need more details.

The post lists a variety of download areas that contain the PDF for free. You can put it on your e-reader or browse it via Google Books. Issue #1 contains topics for just about anyone.

The last of the dinosaurs, tiny dinosaurs – /u/stringoflights

What causes the psychological changes seen during pms? – by Dr. William MK Connelly

How can algae be used to combat climate change? – /u/patchgrabber

How does the human eye adapt to the dark? – by Demetri Pananos

The fibonacci spiral

Was mathematics discovered or invented?

The moderators freely admit they are getting their feet wet in the world of publishing, and commenters are offering up everything from suggestions to volunteering services. It’s great to see the community rallying around to help push a venture.

Outside of commenting on the AskScience Quarterly, moderators are pushing people to discuss the content over at /r/AskScienceDiscussion.

Read the issue and jump over to the discussion board. Trust me, it’s light years better than listening to Senator Ted Cruz discuss Ebola.


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