An announcement on which company will get most of a multibillion-dollar NASA contract could come as soon as today. A Wall Street Journal report says Boeing is the preliminary favorite to get the contract.

The WSJ reports that according to officials, NASA is leading towards Boeing’s proposed capsule. Other companies such as SpaceX and Sierra Nevada Corp. have been in the running.

Why Boeing? Officials told the WSJ that it was the least risky option. More like a known quantity. Would it shock anyone if Boeing received yet another government contract?

Still, these same officials say a final decision hasn’t been made.

A smaller contract, which will act as a second source, is also up for grabs. “SpaceX is in a very strong position” to get this contract according to the experts the WSJ talked to.

Tapping a private company to send astronauts to space will get rid of NASA’s dependence on Russia to get U.S. astronauts in space. A seat aboard a Russian Soyuz spacecraft sets NASA back about $70 million.

SpaceX will continue developing its Dragon capsule no matter what NASA decides.

We’ll update this story once NASA makes its decision.

Image credit: NASA/Robert Markowitz


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