At Least It Wasn’t a 6 Plus. Man Reportedly Suffers Burns After iPhone 5c Explodes
exploding iphone

A Long Island man was heading to a cousin’s wave last month when he suddenly felt a burning sensation on his leg. According to a report from WCBS 880, his iPhone 5C had just exploded.

“All I heard was a pop, and it started fizzling, and it just started to burn my leg,” Erik Johnson told the news outlet. “It went to a pretty much instant burn, it didn’t even warm up; it just went to burn. And the only way I could get the phone away from me was to rip off my pants to get the phone out.”

The burns Johnson reportedly suffered were pretty serious too. He says the explosion caused third-degree burns and he spent 10 days in the hospital. CNN confirmed that he did spend 10 days at the Burn Center at Staten Island University Hospital.

“You don’t expect something like this to happen, never,” Johnson said. “It’s still hard to grasp the concept of this happening.”

He is planning on filing a lawsuit against Apple.

Mike Della, Johnson’s personal injury lawyer, says Johnson’s case is making him rethink how he handles his phone.

“Now, every single time I have my iPhone, instead of putting it in my pocket, I put it in the seat next to me because of this case,” Della told CNN. “My wife does the same thing, and so does everyone else at the (law) firm. It’s a little scary.”

The chances of your iPhone exploding are incredibly rare. Though, there have been other instances of it happening. Last month, an 8th grader in Maine was burned by her iPhone 5C when it overheated in her back pocket. In that case, the pressure from her sitting on the phone is believed to have caused the battery to short.

Digital Trends has a handy article up explaining how to prevent an exploding iPhone battery. You want to be careful when applying too much pressure to your phone and overcharging it.

Image credit: WCBS 880

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