A smart lock will only get you so far. What if you’re feeling a bit antisocial and want to completely avoid the ringing doorbell altogether. August has your back. Meet the new August Doorbell Cam.

Now you can watch in full HD as the postal employee vents a bit of frustration with your packages. Or, you can pretend you’re not home when that one neighbor drops by. Why is nobody answering with every car in the driveway? Too many questions…

The August Doorbell Cam is the companion piece to the smart lock. No worries about our collective lack of electrician skill, because it connects to your existing doorbell. Who can complain about an easy button when it’s offered?

Doorbell Cam Features

The main selling point? It looks damn good. Like the smart lock from August, the Doorbell Cam is designed by Yves Behar. You might find yourself staring at a doorbell. No shame, it’s that nice looking.

What about features? An HD camera with a 140-degree field of view. It’s one-way, keeping your privacy protected. The integrated camera records missed visitors and alerts you via the smartphone app. August’s app allows you to replay conversations if you feel the need.

Connecting to the camera is accomplished via Bluetooth Low Energy. The Doorbell Cam also acts as a bridge with the smart lock, allowing you to buzz people in. Not having to get up to unlock the door? I knew the American dream wasn’t dead.

Four colors are offered. Dark Grey (nearly black), silver, copper and red make up the family of smart doorbells. Sizing is compact with the dimensions coming in at 2.9” (H) x 2.9” (W) X 0.9” (L).

August doorbell cam colors

[divider]August Doorbell Cam Cost[/divider]

What’s the price of being able to see who is at the door from your phone? $199 per unit. You will need common household tools that seemingly disappear when a box like this arrives. A drill, screwdriver and the elusive hammer. Oh, and your smartphone.

That’s grafted to you, so don’t worry about finding it.

The August Doorbell Cam joins the growing product family of the smart lock, smart keypad and the August Connect. If you’re in the market to make your home a bit smarter, jump over to the product page for more information.


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