August Smart Lock. Looks Come With a Price
august smart lock

Next time you’re in an Apple Store, take a look around. You should find the August Smart Lock on the store shelves. The company behind the August Smart Lock have signed a deal with Apple to put the device into stores.

Though some early backers are upset they don’t have it in hand, the move makes sense. It’s like going to Home Depot to pick out shades for your window. You want to make sure it matches your house. There are some things you just want to physically see. A $250 smart lock fits that description.

In a blog post, August outlined this issue, while thanking early backers. “Thousands of our early supporters indicated that, because the August Smart Lock needs to fit the look and feel of their homes, they would prefer to see the product in person and understand the installation requirements. To that end, we partnered with Apple — a company committed to building world-class products and providing an excellent consumer experience at their stores.”

Jumping ahead of the pre-orders and putting them into a retail environment was a tough decision according August. “It was a difficult decision but our only motive in providing a retail option was to better serve our early supporters.”

I’m sure it was excruciatingly painful to put your device in the Apple storefronts. Most executives would chop off an arm for that kind of opportunity. The device also fits in nicely with Apple’s push into home automation. They are pushing HomeKit, so it makes sense to have smart home products in-store.

August isn’t the only game in town, and there are cheaper options. The Goji Smart Lock and Kwikset Kevo have already launched. The Kevo retails for $219.00

Those that buy the August will be able to use iOS or Android devices to unlock the door. The fallback in case you lose your phone is the good ole key. We are probably years upon years away from seeing the death of the key. If ever.

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