Does anyone hear the alarm clock and honestly want to stand in line at the local coffee shop. Oh sweet, I slept like crap and I get to join dozens of people talking to an impossibly happy barista.

There has to be a better way. Nothing wrong with the coffee shop – when I’m actually awake. It’s that not-so-fresh out of bed feeling we need fixed.

The local shop is out of the question. You’re not dressed. Other options include the coffee pods. Did you know Al Gore sheds a tear each time you use one? Do we really want to make Al Gore cry? The sea levels…

Another option? The fancy contraption you convinced yourself is a coffee maker but looks like a steam engine you bought off eBay. What are those knobs? Brother, that involves reading the instruction manual. By the time the coffee is done you already went to bed for the night.

Auroma One Coffee

What about making things smarter? Technology. Embrace the horror. Does it have an app? How dare you ask a question like that? iOS and Android will be supported at launch.

Features of Auroma One coffee maker

The Kickstarter campaign is proclaiming it the last coffee maker you’ll ever need. Simplicity but the ability to outshine the best barista or manual coffee maker.

How does it work? Pour in the water. Add the beans. Hit brew. See, no instruction manual needed.

What about the lazy setting? Say I want to lay in bed a little longer? It syncs with your alarm clock. Netflix marathon? Send a text and it will brew you a cup.

You still have to grab it. I know we all want the ultimate easy button. That’s what kids are for. You get to boss them around and each cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Wait…

For those who want variety, the Auroma One can support up three bean varieties at once. Brew and contrast.

[divider]Coffee Needs Accuracy and Precision[/divider]

Sorry Folgers, coffee purists demand perfection. The Auroma One machine can get the water temperature to within .5C. In American, that’s about 2 degrees Fahrenheit.

Coffee to water ratio? Plus or minus 0.1g. What about total dissolved coffee? 50ppm. Bean freshness. Local roasters. Find a favorite and you’re good to go.

Auroma One design

Ok, some are thinking it all sounds a bit extreme. But Auroma Brewing is out of Vancouver, Canada. Coffee is an art form. Not something to be trifled with. Think if your local Starbucks showed hockey games. Same level of dedication.

Kickstarting Auroma One Coffee

It’s not your typical coffee maker, so ship dates are accounting for tooling for factory production. October 2016 is when the company expects to ship to backers after a beta test, an initial production run and then full production.

Pricing? $249 without the grinder. Need a grinder? $379.

The Auroma One has seen action at Coffee Fest in Portland, OR. Yeah, that Portland. I’m not sure who takes coffee more seriously here in the States, Portland or Seattle.

Here is the Auroma team demoing the unit.

Coffee fest auroma one demo

To learn more, head over to the Kickstarter campaign. Tech videos and enough information about coffee to inception the idea of brewing a cup right about now.

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