Skylum’s Aurora HDR 2019 Opens Up Preorders

While Lightroom is the default photo editing software for most photographers – amateurs and professionals, Skylum fills in the gap with Aurora HDR 2019. Those who love the HDR aesthetic can instantly turn their shots into something incredible. And for a one-time price versus the monthly Adobe CC cost.

Skylum is pulling the curtains off Aurora HDR 2019 with a host of new features and discounts. Let’s knock out the pricing first. Order before October 4 and the price is $89. Owners of previous versions of Aurora HDR can upgrade for $49.

Preorder discounts include a smattering of everything photography: Landscape Photography Handbook by David Johnson, Exclusive Aurora LUTs for interiors, 3-month 500px Pro membership, and $300 off a multi-day Iceland photo tour.

Aurora HDR 2019 Features

The biggest new feature is what Skylum dubs the Quantum HDR Engine. It instantly merges bracketed images to create cleaner HDR images. The splash page has plenty of examples of it in action.

New to HDR or forgot to shoot in brackets? The 2019 software promises improvements over 2018’s version with expanded dynamic range and detail.

Aurora HDR 2019 is optimized for real estate photographers creating a smoother workflow and includes Natural or Creative HDR. Creative is the option you want when you are looking for that extra punch.

Natural is Skylum’s polite way of saying easy there friend. Let’s not overdo it. While the Quantum HDR Engine will get top billing, the ease of toning it down in post is excellent for new photographers.

Other changes include LUT support with eleven integrated LUTs. The filters have been fine-tuned for more creative control. Aurora’s adjustable gradient filter now includes sliders for highlights and shadows. The HDR smart structure filter is now under the HDR enhance filter. Finally, Photoshop plugin support has been added.

The discounts and bonuses are good until October 4th when the software releases on Mac and Windows. A question that often comes up is can you use this as a standalone? Yes. And you can use it as a plugin for both Lightroom and now Photoshop. Personally, I need Adobe CC, so I am more inclined to take advantage of the plugin support. Jump over to the splash page to learn more.

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