Microsoft continues its fantastic post-Xbox One support. Say what you want about the lead up to the launch, but Microsoft has been pushing out monthly updates for the Xbox One.

Here’s what you can look forward to in June’s update.

Automatic sign-in. This is one of the most-requested features according to Microsoft and is now a necessity. The Kinect used handle sign-in duties, but with Microsoft soon offering a Kinect-less Xbox One, automatic sign-in is a must.

External storage. This was teased a few days ago by an Xbox One developer on Reddit. June’s update will allow your Xbox One to support up to two external hard drives at once. Plug your hard drive (must be bigger than 256GB) into a USB 3.0 port and start moving games, apps over to it to clear up your system’s storage. A very handy feature as the holiday deluge of games approach.

Real names. Have friends who change their gamertags way too often. Knowing their real name will make keeping track of them a bit easier. Don’t want everyone knowing your full name? Don’t worry, you have full control on who can share your name with.

SmartGlass integration with OneGuide and Universal Remote Control. The SmartGlass app now includes OneGuide and Universal Remote Control. The feature is only available in supported markets.

TV and OneGuide Support Expanding. TV and OneGuide support will be making its way to Canada, UK, France, Germany and Italy in June. Kinect voice support for controlling your set-top box will be included in the update. You’ll need to have your set-top box connected to your Xbox One via HDMI for these features to work.

New Xbox Live Gold features, free access to other users. June’s update tears down the paywall for apps such as Netflix and Hulu. Xbox Live gold users will also gain Games with Gold (coming to Xbox One in June, already available on Xbox 360) and Deals with Gold.

That’s it. Another decent update for Xbox One. Granted some of these features should have been in there from the get go such as auto sign-in. Still, better late than never. The Xbox team is listening and acting on the feedback they’re getting. Want something included in a future update? Let them know.


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