We all know Avengers: Infinity War is going to have a ridiculous box office haul, but a tweet from ticket seller Fandango this morning shows just how crazy the hype is getting. “Infinity War has already pre-sold more than the last 7 MCU movies combined,” reads the early morning tweet.

That’s every recent Marvel movie from Ant-Man to Black Panther.

You might be wondering what’s up with the huge presales. A lot of it has to do with assigned seating in theaters these days. The rest is probably just folks making sure they can catch it opening night/weekend. No one wants to head to work the following Monday only to be spoiled.

Nothing too crazy has happened to the main Marvel cast in all the other movies. But all the trailers are teasing that our superheroes aren’t as invincible as they have been in the past.

Now we wait to see if Star Wars: The Force Awakens record opening weekend falls. The return of Star Wars earned $247.9 million its opening weekend. Here’s a look at what Infinity War will need to do to eclipse the top Marvel movie earners:

Marvel’s The Avengers – $207.4 million
Black Panther – $202 million
Avengers: Age of Ultron – $191.2 million
Captain America: Civil War – $179.1 million

With these presale numbers, getting to $207+ million should be easy. Topping The Force Awakens’ $247.9 million? I’m not betting against it. Hell, it’s starting to look likely. I haven’t been this hyped to see a movie since The Force Awakens. I’m one of those people responsible for more than a few of the 164 million views of Infinity War’s official trailer.

Have you already bought your tickets? Or are you strolling in there opening night?

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