Boring day at the office? Axis wants to give you relief and the ability to annoy the hell out of the guy in accounting. The company is introducing the world’s smallest first person view drone. Yep, that’s trademarked.

Before you click away from the buying a Phantom or 3DR Solo, hang on. The small package means tradeoffs. But benefits too. Blasting a $75 drone into a wall is easier to handle than a $1200 mistake.

Axis Vidius

The Axis Vidius is rather impressive for its 4.3cm x 4.3cm x 2.5cm footprint. It streams back to your iOS or Android device in 420p. The sensor on the camera is capable of recording and still images at that resolution. Flight time is enough to buzz around the office for 5-7 minutes and bring it back for a 20-minute charge via USB.

What about showing off your pilot skills? A ‘trick mode’ algorithm allows for pre-programmed rolls and spins. Break out the flat spin Top Gun style. Whatever you do, don’t leave your wingman.

axis vidius controls

Want to make use of the accelerometer on your phone or tablet? Have at it. Keeping the mini drone stable and centered is a 6-axis gyro stabilization system. Three speeds are available for you to pick and choose flight control sensitivity.

LED lights are integrated into the drone if you want to take it outside. It is tiny as hell. If you’re not in a well-lit area, the 100 ft. range without lights would mean saying goodbye to the Vidius.

Having the world’s smallest FPV drone also comes with another benefit. No big brother. The lightweight frame brings it in under the FAA regulations to register it.

[divider]Vidius Pricing[/divider]

Axis is having a pre-order sale before the January 29 release date. Regularly $99, early adopters can have it for $75. Need a video? Axis has your back. Someone at the company HQ dipped into their EDM collection and found the strobe After Effects plugin.

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