Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood Roadmap Includes Single-Player Campaign Progression, Bug Fixes

If Back 4 Blood’s lack of campaign progression for single-player was a turn-off, the folks at Turtle Rock are getting ready to fix that. Yesterday, the team posted a Back 4 Blood roadmap detailing what’s coming next in their zombie horde game. 

In the December update, “solo offline with campaign progression” is coming along with new supply lines, new card type, new cards, a holiday seasonal event, and a Ridden (Back 4 Blood’s name for zombies) practice area. 

For November, the devs are focused on quality of life updates and bug fixes. A Trello board highlights some of the fixes slated for the November patch. They include:

– Fix for Doc, Hoffman, Jim, and Karlee not unlocking in Solo Campaign.

– Fix for User’s secondary weapon is unloaded after transferring to any map in-game.

– Fix for achievements and accomplishments not unlocking if you were dead at the end of the mission.

– Add option to turn off VOIP in-game options.

– Fix for Xbox Live Party Chat issue.

– First Time User Experience updated to send players directly to Fort Hope

– Added ‘Stamina Breath’ to Audio Options.

– Fix for Windows 11 cutscene-related crash.

– Address issues with Specials respawning.

– Address performance issues related to having a large friends list.

– Various Balance updates. 

Turtle Rock’s Lianne Papp stressed that the Trello board isn’t everything they are working on. Expect the patch notes for the November patch to be more in-depth than the fixes listed above. 

The free updates will keep coming in 2022 with a new difficulty, more cards, a new co-op mode, and the usual bug fixes and improvements. 

On the annual pass side of things, three expansions are set to drop in 2022, with Tunnels of Terror coming first. Here’s our first look at it.

Annual Pass owners will also get new Cleaners, Ridden, weapons, cards, and exclusive skins. 

Back 4 Blood made a big splash thanks to Game Pass. Its card system helped encourage more unique playstyles than what we usually see from these kinds of horde games. Hell, I ended up going with a melee build with health regeneration to beat the last mission. I did fall off of it quickly, but I plan to jump back in to see how much changes with these new updates.

I’ll update this post when we get a firm release date for the November patch.