Feel like your iPhone has been missing something? The smell and sizzle of bacon at 6am to get you out of bed? America’s love affair with bacon refuses to jump the shark, and Oscar Mayer is jumping aboard the App train. Flappy Bacon is probably being made, or has already been submitted to the app stores.

The new app can be downloaded to iOS devices and you can set your alarm to wake you to the sound of sizzling bacon. The company is also having a contest for a plug-in accessory that will allow you to smell the aroma. The contest will run through April 4. I wonder how much those will go for on eBay?

Oscar Mayer is capitalizing on the social media popularity of bacon. With over 2 million mentions of the food on Instagram alone, Oscar Mayer’s advertising director, Tom Brick, knows he has an instant winner on his hand. Bacon plus scarcity.

“With nearly 2 million mentions of #bacon on Instagram,” Bick says, “it seems people never get tired of bacon. Oscar Mayer is thrilled to bring the first-ever bacon-scented mobile device to market, giving bacon aficionados a new reason to welcome their morning alarm clocks.”

The aroma device will be created by Scentee and will only be offered through the contest. They should attach it to packages of Oscar mayer bacon in stores nationwide. You can enter the contest here.

Below is the over-the-top YouTube video promoting the contest.


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