A senior at a San Francisco Bay Area high school is under arrest for selling drugs and child endangerment. The 17-year old girl is accused of baking a batch of pot brownies to sell at school. One went for $3, while you could get two for $5.

The marijuana-laced brownies also came with a side of making you sick as hell. Five teens, aged 14-16, fell seriously ill, with two passing out. Those two were rushed to the hospital, where they regained consciousness. Both hospitalized students are in serious but stable condition. The other three students felt nauseated and started vomiting.

School officials at DeAnza High are looking into having the girl expelled. Judging by the severity of the event, that’s a foregone conclusion. Her senior year just went down the tube. She will be lucky to escape jail at this point.

Officials should grab the remaining brownies and have them tested. The marijuana in them must be powerful or laced with another drug. Authorities are not saying how many brownies the kids, who were sickened, ate.

People should take note on edible marijuana. While it may seem like a fun prank, you do not know an individual’s reaction to your kitchen concoction.

Image credit: jeffreyw/Wikipedia