As if guys didn’t have enough to worry about with thinning up top. It’s bad enough the self-consciousness it brings about. Now a study is pointing to an increased risk of prostate cancer to those balding at age 45.

A study, published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, is pointing to the increased risk of aggressive prostate cancer. Researchers looked over the cases of 39,070 men ages 55 to 74. Each participant was asked to identify a pictorial of their baldness at age 45.

Interesting methodology, considering most guys are wondering did I turn off the gas on the grill? Results from the study showed that those with moderate hair loss on the front and crown of the head had a 39% increased risk of developing a fast-growing, aggressive prostate cancer.

I know most balding guys are reading this with widening shock, but there is a silver lining to this. It still needs to be confirmed by more studies, but early balding could be a sign you need to monitor for prostate cancer more regularly. Doctors could use this as a way to identify those at risk, and catch any cancer early on.

If you can catch the cancer early, your odds of a healthy outcome grow exponentially. It may not regrow your hair, but at least you can possibly get in front of the disease.

Michael Cook, the lead author and researcher at the National Cancer Institute said the study proves a biological link between baldness and cancer.

“If we do have replication of these results and if we can understand the mechanism that links this, it could be that male pattern baldness could help us either predict prostate cancer or it may contribute to the decisions and discussion between a patient and his doctor about whether to opt for prostate cancer screening,” Cook said.

It’s not exactly the kind of news you want to read about. But if they can establish a firm link, then maybe bald won’t only be beautiful, it could possibly save your life.

Read the study at the Journal of Clinical Oncology’s site.


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