Hey look, it’s another video game delay. Publishers need to learn to wait until the game is completely done before announcing release dates. Batman: Arkham Knight was originally set for release on June 2.

A tweet from the Batman Arkham official Twitter announced the delay.

Pleased? That’s an interesting choice of words. At least it’s just a few weeks and not a long delay.

New Batman: Arkham Knight Gameplay

To offset today’s delay, a new gameplay video was released. It’s all PS4 footage.

Everything is looking great. The trademark Batman combat is back and looks better than ever. The Batmobile is also looking slick. And, ejecting from the Batmobile directly into a glide looks awesome.

If you like previous entries into the Batman franchise, Arkham Knight looks to offer more of the same. Outside of the Batmobile, I wonder what new mechanics are going to be introduced. I loved the Nemesis system from Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. A similar system would fit perfectly into the Batman universe.

Not the Only Batman Game Coming This Year?

It appears Warner Bros. is jumping on the remaster bandwagon. IGN Italy claims Batman Arkham Asylum and Arkham City are coming to PS4 and Xbox One by Christmas.

Man, publishers really love their remasters this gen. Maybe they should just start a collection plate and focus on new games.

What are you most excited about with Batman: Arkham Knight? Looking for new gameplay mechanics or features? Or, is trademark Batman good enough? Let me know in the comments.


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