Warner Bros. is hoping for a Watch Dogs performance out of Batman: Arkham Knight. Publishers are finally realizing consumers are interested in new titles during the summer months. Ubisoft took advantage of this when they released Watch Dogs, which saw impressive sales throughout the summer and zero competition for weeks.

Batman: Arkham Knight will hit Xbox One, PS4 and PC on June 2, 2015. I would expect a few titles in early 2015 to also get pushed back to summer. February is looking a lot like October/November already.

Besides a release date, Warner Bros announced two Batman: Arkham Knight collector’s editions.

The PC or console limited edition comes with a custom art book showing off 80 pages worth of full-color concept work for Batman: Arkham Knight. A limited edition DC Comics Batman: Arkham Knight #9 Comic Book, an exclusive character skin pack, a Batman Memorial statue and a limited edition steelbook are also included. The limited edition will retail for $100.

The console Batmobile Edition comes with everything from the limited edition, but the statute is a transforming Batmobile. Check it out below.

Batmobile Edition


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