YouTuber M1llion deserves a million thanks after the release of all public Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice footage in one 11-minute YouTube video.

The video, edited to what M1llion thinks is chronological for the story, shows off the scale of what we are in store for later this month.

Me? It’s equal parts more hype and the fear of I’m being spoiled before sitting down at the theater. It’s a common feeling in the comments. We love it, but the concern is trailers notoriously show the best parts.

What I think saves us from the refrain of ‘watched the trailers, saw the movie’ is the fact the new Batman v Superman clocks in at 2.5 hours. We are watching 11 minutes and about 80 seconds of additional footage.

scene from latest Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer

The parts I haven’t seen are the extension of the fight between Batman and Superman. Mashing the trailers together also gives a better reveal for Doomsday. That’s a good thing because marketing behind the reveal has been iffy at best.

Sound off below. Do you like the supercut of upcoming movies? Or do you feel the trailers can give too much away?

Regardless, let’s embrace the fact we are in for a hell of a ride the next few years from DC and Marvel on the silver screen.


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