I knew many of us wanted another World War II shooter, but damn – that was fast! Battalion 1944 passed its funding goal today of $142,577 (£100,000). Right now, it’s sitting at $171,021 pledged from 4,112 backers.

Cool, so what’s next? There are still 26 days to go on the Kickstarter. Yesterday, Bulkhead Interactive said they were working on implementing stretch goals.

“We’re working on it. We’re waiting until we’ve surpassed our initial funding goal before announcing them, so we’re not saying anything just yet. We’ve been listening to your feedback, so when we do announce our stretch goals in the coming weeks, I can assure you they’ll be awesome,” they wrote in an update.

Sounds good, just take it easy with the stretch goals. $300,000 already seems low for designing a shooter, even if it is focused on multiplayer only. Don’t overextend yourselves with feature bloat. I’m all for making the game bigger, but make sure Battalion 1944 is a solid shooter first.

What is Battalion 1944?

Didn’t see the initial Kickstarter go live? Here’s a recap. Bulkhead Interactive is bringing the World War II shooter back to consoles and PC. And, they sold it perfectly.

Battalion 1944 multiplayer

“Battalion 1944 is an infantry based first person shooter with an emphasis on raw skill. No grinding, no ‘exosuits,’ just you and your skill as a player,” reads their Kickstarter description.

In a world dominated by futuristic shooters, those words fell on welcome ears. It seems like you can’t play a console shooter these days without some kind of jump pack or boost jet attached to your character. Rainbow Six Siege is giving players a break from the frenetic action dominating today’s shooter genre. Battalion 1944 will look to add to this trend.

Battalion 1944 is set for release in May 2016 with Steam Early Access coming before then.

Who is Bulkhead Interactive?

The company recently formed from the merger of Deco Digital and Bevel Studios. Don’t know them? The pair worked on Pneuma: Breath of Life. The important thing to note is that game used Unreal Engine 4, and they are using it again for Battalion 1944.


I hope Bulkhead smashes it out of the park with Battalion 1944. I do have some concerns, though. $300,000 sounds low for a shooter. Then again, it is multiplayer only – so it’s not like Bulkhead Interactive needs to spend a ton of money on voice acting and the like.

The more important question is, will big publishers take another look at World War II? Battalion 1944 blitzed its Kickstarter goal in just a few days. Depending on what kind of stretch goals Bulkhead implements, it could raise more – a lot more.

Imagine a remake of Battlefield 1943? Better yet, Battlefield 1944. But really, backwards compatibility for Battlefield 1943 would do at this point.

Battlefield 1943

What do you think of Battalion 1944? Did you back it? Let me know in the comments.

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