We already know all about PUBG’s breakout success on PC. That same story is starting to repeat itself on Xbox One. The ‘Most Played’ section on Microsoft’s store doesn’t update live like the Steam Stats page, but it gives us look at which games are the most popular.

Here’s the top 12:

Xbox One most played

Fortnite strikes the perfect combination being the first Battle Royale game (a mostly polished one anyways) on console and being free. Ok, so being free is the main reason. At least, for snagging the #1 spot on Xbox One’s Most Played games list.

PUBG is at #5 already. As I said, this list tends to update every couple of days or so. So, Christmas sales are not likely to be a factor. That goes for all the recent releases on this list.

After logging north of 500 hours on the PC version, I picked up the Xbox One version to chase chicken dinners with my console friends. PUBG on Xbox One is rough. But even with the tech issues, PUBG still has that magic.

Every match is a story. That’s the easiest way to sum up PUBG’s appeal.

Imagine those Battlefield moment trailers, but with the tension ramped up to 11. Sure, it doesn’t have the sense of scale like Battlefield. But that single life means every awesome headshot or hilarious fail is one you won’t soon forget.

But how many actual players are playing the top Xbox One games right now? We’ll never get those numbers, but we can find the floor for the top games thanks to the few games that offer player counts in-game.

A quick note: schools are out for the holidays so these numbers are probably a little higher than they usually would be.

Rocket League comes in at #12. It’s showing just over 131,000 players on the Xbox One version. I double checked the PC version and it was showing 215,000 (across all platforms). Of those, 51,000 are on Steam. That gives us just over 180,000 between the two platforms. I don’t own a Switch, but I imagine the game has found a healthy audience over there too.

It’s a safe bet to assume every game in the top 10 has a player base of around 100,000 or higher at all times.

We can go further down the list to see how games like Star Wars Battlefront 2 are faring. Battlefield 1 is two games below Battlefront 2, and we know Battlefield 1 averages around 35,000 during peak hours. That puts Battlefront 2 somewhere above that. Not quite the showing I’m sure EA was expecting, but still plenty of folks to find matches with.

Next up is the first Star Wars Battlefront at #34. Swbstats shows peak player counts at around 9,500. That means games like The Division, Gears of War 4, and Halo 5 have peak player counts above 10,000, but below 35,000. On average. These games will shuffle around based on new updates or content, but you get the idea.

Towards the bottom of the list we have Battlefield 4 with peak player counts also hovering around 9,500. The biggest disappointment on the list is Titanfall 2 at #48. That game is criminally overlooked. A fantastic campaign with incredible multiplayer. Still, it should have enough people playing to keep matchmaking running smoothly.

Bottom line, the top 50 on Xbox One have healthy playerbases for the most part. And we can only guess at how big the top games are. We know PUBG hit 1 million players in just the first two days after release. Last week, PUBG hit 30 million players across both platforms. The latest numbers we have on PUBG are 26 million players on PC. That would put the Xbox One version at around 4 million.

The PUBG train (and the Battle Royale genre) show no signs of slowing.

When I’m not playing Rocket League (best game ever), you can find me writing about all things games, space and more. You can reach me at alex@newsledge.com

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