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None of today’s news will top yesterday’s Fallout 4 trailer, but there are a few things that might interest you.

Gearbox releases new Battleborn trailer

Gearbox released an E3 trailer for their new first person shooter this morning. Catch a glimpse at some of the game’s 25 heroes.

Seems different, in a good way. Will it be the next big thing? Who knows, but at least Gearbox is trying something different than your normal console shooter.

Battleborn does have both singleplayer and multiplayer. Gearbox describes Battleborn’s story mode as a “narrative experience” that can be played alone or with up to five friends. Two-player split-screen is supported. Gearbox also says the story mode is “modular,” meaning you can pick which mission you want to play next.

Competitive multiplayer is the meat of Battleborn. Think MOBA, but as a FPS shooter. Matches consist of five players on each side across three modes.

Incursion: Teams of heroes defend their base from waves of AI-controlled minions while working together, alongside their own minions, to destroy their opponents’ base;

Devastation: Teams of heroes face off in a fast-paced death match and must capture and hold objectives on the map to win;

Meltdown: Teams of heroes protect their minions as they march to their death at the center of the map. Points are scored for minions who throw themselves into the incinerator, and the team with the most points wins.

Yep, sounds like a MOBA to me. The race to jump into MOBAs is starting to feel a lot like publishers chasing the World of Warcraft money years ago. Gearbox needs to release an early beta to gauge player reaction and get feedback.

Gearbox also touched on Battleborn’s progression system.

Persistent Progression System: All experience points, whether earned through playing Battleborn’s Story Mode or Competitive Multiplayer modes, contribute to leveling up individual Character Rank, as well as player profile Command Rank:

Character Rank: Each hero can permanently rank up from 1 to 10 outside of missions and matches, allowing players to swap out augments in their helix skill tree, as well as unlock skins.

Command Rank: Players can rank-up their own player profile, unlocking badges and titles to impress friends, and loot that can be used to benefit any hero the player chooses to command.

PlanetSide 2 gets a PS4 release date

PlanetSide 2 PS4

It’s been a long-time coming, but PlanetSide 2 is nearly ready for its PS4 debut. Daybreak Games (formerly Sony Online Entertainment) announced PlanetSide 2 will release on June 23.

What is PlanetSide 2? Imagine Battlefield 4 with sci-fi weapons and the player count turned to hundreds. How big can it get? PlanetSide 2 holds the Guinness World Record for most players in a single FPS battle at 1,158 players. Damn, that’s a lot of camping snipers.

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake collection coming this fall

Want your Nathan Drake fix on PS4? Sony has you covered with the announcement of Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection. If you need to catch up on all things Uncharted or just want to replay them again on PS4, the collection is coming on October 9.

Unchrated The Nathan Drake Collection boxart

Bluepoint Games is handling the Nathan Drake collection. The developer is known for their solid work at bringing old games to new systems. They handled the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, God of War Collection and The ICO & Shadow of the Colossus Collection. They know a thing or two about breathing new life into old games.

Oh, and there’s also some incentive for those waiting for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Buying Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection guarantees you access to Uncharted 4’s multiplayer beta.

First footage of The Bards Tale IV

If you keep up with Kickstarter campaigns surrounding games, you’ve probably already heard about The Bards Tale IV. inXile entertainment (the team behind Wasteland 2 and Torment) wants to “revive the dungeon crawler.” More than 22,000 backers have pledged $953,000 of the $1.25 million goal.

Today, inXile released the first footage for The Bards Tale IV.

inXile notes the footage is in-engine. Look at the footage as more of a moving target. That’s probably not what the final game will look like, but it gives us an idea.


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