DICE is known for their fantastic trailers, but there’s a community of YouTubers who give them a run for the money. Using custom tools, these YouTubers produce some of the best fan made trailers you’ll ever see. The Two Scotsmen’s Battlefield 4 trailers were incredible.

And his Battlefield Hardline cinematic movies were also top notch.

This week, DICE (specifically the LA studio) is revealing a new set of tools built into Battlefield 1’s spectator mode. The best part? They’re coming to consoles too.

Here’s what Berduu managed to create with his short time with Battlefield 1’s cinematic tools.

DICE is giving us tons of control. Field of view. Filters. Depth of field. Player view. You name it, and there’s probably an option for it.

Creating cinematic Battlefield trailers won’t be limited to a tight-knit community much longer. With these tools, a whole new set of Battlefield fans will tell their own war stories in multiplayer.

Berduu is pumped to see the cinematic tools make the transition to consoles.

“I’m very excited to see the Spectator Mode being implemented in Battlefield 1 for all users. For the first time in franchise history, console players can join in on the PC fun and create cool cinematic videos and screenshots.”

ShadowSix Films goes into much deeper detail about the creative tools coming to Battlefield 1. They won’t replace the custom solutions available on PC, but for console players, it opens a new realm of content creation not seen in a Battlefield game before.

ShadowSix Films did throw a little cold water on the feature. According to him, you cannot save a match and then edit it later. You’ll have to record as you’re spectating.

BF1 youtube comment

Hopefully, the developers address this in a future update or right before launch.

It’s great to see DICE LA still working on the Battlefield. Their post game support for Battlefield 4 was phenomenal. If it’s the same in Battlefield 1, I’m going to be playing for many months after release.

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