The team at DICE knows how to keep their fans happy. Releasing a great game helps, but it’s the massive updates that shape the game – and the player base – in the future. Today, the developers dropped the Battlefield 1 Fall Update, and it’s a big one. Does it fix all the issues I have? Nope. But it does address some of the issues raised by many of us.

Head over here for the full patch notes. I’m going to cover the bigger fixes and my thoughts on them below.

Operations – Conquest is still my bread and butter, but Operations are incredible. The problem is, it’s a pain in the ass to win as the attacking side against an even semi-competent defending team.

The folks at DICE knows this and are fine-tuning the mode to make it a bit more attacker friendly. One solution? Raising the number of maximum tickets from 150 to 250 in 64 player matches (40 player matches is 150 to 200). DICE is also opting to increase the amount of tickets gained from killing retreating defenders. Before today, that number sat at 2. Now it’s 3. Plus, the developers are increasing the minimum amount of tickets regained from capturing a sector in 64 player matches from 30 to 50.

And finally, the time it takes to capture flags is being slightly reduced.

Bottom line – attackers are hitting a meat grinder as they approach flags. Smart teams use mortars to soften up the defensive positions before pushing ahead. But the boost in tickets should lead to more wins for the attacking side. DICE wants to give the attacking side a chance of capturing subsequent sectors after blowing through most of their tickets capturing the previous one. We’ll see how the bump in tickets plays out in future matches.

Conquest – Suez. Fix it. That’s all that needs to be said. And DICE hears us.

“We will be adding two more flags to the layout, this should result in one team not being able to capture and lock down all flags as easy as before.”

Here’s the new Suez.

new BF1 Suez conquest

B, C and D represent the old Conquest capture points. The tweaks to Suez go beyond adding two extra capture points. DICE also decided to reduce the capture size area in the village areas. Yeah, having damn near a dozen buildings were enemies could hide was a headache. These changes should make it more manageable to capture village areas and prevent one team from locking all the flags down.

Squad Leaders – Issue. A. Damn. Order. Hey, it’s always nice to have teamwork – but orders are also easy free points. Starting today, when you request an order (and there are no active orders) – the squad leader has 60 seconds to issue an order, or they get bumped to the first person requesting an order.

Weapon Balance – DICE’s first major weapon pass focuses on Light Machine Guns. They said LMGs “were less attractive than other weapon classes.” Hell, isn’t everything against the Medic’s rifles?

Here are some of the changes.

  • Increased LMG and SLR bullet suppression at medium range.
  • Increased aimed accuracy of support machine guns.
  • Decreased Lewis first shot recoil multiplier.
  • Decreased Huot first shot recoil multiplier.
  • Increased BAR M1918 horizontal recoil.
  • Low Weight machine guns now also gain accuracy faster during fire.
  • Added bipods to Low Weight LMGs.
  • Reduced effect of recoil direction slightly and made it scale correctly with recoil modifiers like bipods.

Gadgets – Rifle grenades (especially HE) have the potential to help balance out the strength of tanks. The problem right now is two-fold. Most medics won’t drop ‘syringe’ and ‘medpacs’ to use them. And there’s a time delay before exploding. Here are the HE rifle grenade tweaks from today’s patch.

Reduced blast radius from 7 m to 6 m
Increased minimum time before explosion after firing from 0.3 s to 0.75 s

Tanks wouldn’t be such a headache if Medics could use rifle grenades without giving up their other gadgets. I know. It would make the Medic class even better. They already have arguably the best guns, at least at mid-range. HE rifle grenades that explode on impact would make them even better.

Something needs to be done to tone down the power of tanks some. Then again, it’s on players to utilize the tools we already have. I just wish I could get on a team that does that.

Today’s patch notes are pages long and range from the Operations fixes I mentioned above to tweaks to the UI. Check all of them out here.

Let me know what you think about the tweaks/fixes. Also, what do you think of the tank/soldier balance as it stands now? Is it good? Or, should DICE look at giving soldiers more tools to combat them (especially heavy tanks)?

When I’m not playing Rocket League (best game ever), you can find me writing about all things games, space and more. You can reach me at alex@newsledge.com

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