It wouldn’t be a Battlefield game unless a bow made an appearance at some point. We didn’t have to wait long. Check out the new Giant’s Shadow map and a grenade tossing crossbow below.

I know what you’re thinking. A grenade tossing crossbow? Really? The crazy thing is, it was real. Granted it wasn’t quite as compact as it is in the trailer, but a grenade tossing crossbow was used by French and British forces on the Western Front during World War I.

It was called the Arbalète sauterelle type A (or Sauterelle, meaning grasshopper in French).

Sauterelle WW1 crossbow

Credit: Wikipedia.

The crossbow weighed 53 pounds and could throw a Mills bomb (the grenade we see in the trailer) 120-150 yards. Below you’ll see three Mills bombs. The one on the far right looks a lot like the grenade we see in the trailer.

Mills bomb ww1

Credit: Wikipedia

Soldiers would set up the crossbow in their trench and try to lob grenades into enemy trench lines. The Sauterelle was pressed into service in 1915 but was replaced a year later by mortars.

DICE is taking creative liberty with the grenade tossing crossbow. But the concept was real. The devs aren’t just throwing crossbows in because we like them. Ok, maybe they are – but the concept is rooted in how The Great War was fought.

In the game, the grenade crossbow can be used by the Support class and will fire two grenades (frag or high explosive). We’ll see how effective it is against vehicles later this month.

Giant’s Shadow

The first post-release map is coming on December 20th. Don’t worry if you didn’t get the season pass or pre-order. DICE is tossing this map in for free. But if you do have the season pass or did pre-order it, you can fight in the shadow of a crashed zeppelin starting December 13th.

YouTube comments are quick to point out the map looks like it’s based on a part of the Through Mud and Blood mission. Here’s the official description from DICE:

Battle of the Selle, 1918. British forces have broken through the Hindenburg line and are heading towards a strategic railway center. The outcome is uncertain. An armored train can still turn the tide.

Giant’s Shadow will be playable next Tuesday for season pass owners and those who pre-ordered. Everyone else gets it a week later.

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